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Property width specifies the extent from side to side. It is specified as number. For example:


In broad-based decision guidance

In designs for broad-based decision guidance, the width property quantifies the effective range of formal inter-candidate choice that is always present to an ordinary participant in the guideway. Typical values are:

Width Meaning Symbol
1 The participant can approve as by a petition signature, but cannot formally disapprove. Or the participant can disapprove as by a veto, but cannot formally approve.
2 The participant can formally express either approval or disapproval, or either of another pair of explicit choices.
877 Large. There is a limit, but it is large. n
888 Unbounded. There is no limit, or the limit is just what inheres in the guideable issue itself.1

The range quantified is effective in that each candidate within is an effective choice in regard to guidance; if the candidate is chosen by a sufficient number of participants, then the guidance will vary according to that choice.2 The range quantified is that available to participants, which excludes the choice of non-participation. Finally, the range quantified is that of inter-candidate choice, which excludes in-candidate mutability.


  1. ^ Where the actual range for an issue is 50, a width of 50 is just what inheres in the issue itself. Therefore it is recorded as 888.
  2. ^ It follows that the width is zero whenever the guidance cannot be varied.

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