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  2. ^ It is a "petition website".1
  3. ^ "Since our launch in early 2011..."1
  4. ^ a b "We've developed a system of real-time electronic petition delivery to ensure that people's voices get through in the corridors of power, and that elected officials can respond directly to their constituents via our email system."1
  5. ^ a b c d Assumed for petitions unless otherwise documented.
  6. ^ "Since our launch in early 2011, tens of thousands of petitions have been started on MoveOn's petition website, garnering millions of signatures. Most petition creators are regular people who want to make their voices heard. Also, progressive state legislators and organizations such as Progress Now, Ultraviolet, Faithful America, the AFL-CIO, Free Speech for People, Social Security Works, Working Families Party, Color of Change, and the Organic Consumers Association have used MoveOn's petition website to give their campaigns a major grassroots boost."1 See also their success stories.