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  2. ^ Undocumented, but one can see the argumentative form in the running demo.1
  3. ^ This blog post about an "experiment" appears to be the first description of the design. The "experiment later turned into Truth Scale", which is an earlier name for All Angles.
  4. ^ Undocumented, but a logical currency is generally applicable to any decision system.
  5. ^ The edit link below the root statement (candidate) seems to work.1
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  7. ^ Intended for "complicated issues that have so many opinions and facts that it’s hard to determine the right action to take".6
  8. ^ Undocumented, but the root propositions in the running demo are simple norms such as, "The use of standardized tests is improving education in America."1
  9. ^ One can "see it in action".6
  10. ^ Undocumented, but all user input in the running demo is currently editable.1
  11. ^ One may "add a pro/con" expressing either approval or disapproval, or both. "Confidence" in the root proposition hangs between the two poles of acceptance and rejection.1