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  2. ^ "A VoH group elects messages to represent its views instead of electing a spokesperson. Members of a group write “candidate” messages and then trade them around to be discussed and voted on."1
  3. ^ Dating from the first post to the InterMix newsletter. "Collective communication is a surprising new concept. The idea is simple, voting on messages, yet it seems capable of endless development. At its farthest reach it raises the possibility of a non-bureaucratic world government that will have the assent of the nations."
  4. ^ a b The use cases described suggest an informal transfer of guidance via the recognition of consensus. This should be applicable to any decision system that is guidable by human choice.1
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  6. ^ Undocumented, but the alternative candidate messages are voted in "decision periods", which implies immutability during that period.5
  7. ^ "For the beta test an online Voices of Humanity Steering Committee, open to the public, will use the technology to provide bottom up collective advice. If InterMix Voices of Humanity Social Media is to be a great global success, what should our top priority be?"1
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  9. ^ "Beta Testing begins later this month (June, 2013)"8
  10. ^ "Even during a decision period, you can change your ratings for candidate messages. However for candidate messages in completed decision periods, you cannot change your ratings. Results for decison periods are frozen when the period ends." Roger Eaton. March 27.
  11. ^ Roger says, 'every message can be rated for approval (-3 to +3) and for interest (0 to +4). The system calculates the "value" of each message... Within the decision period, each participant can enter one candidate message... At the end of the decision period, the candidate message with the highest value wins.'5 Probably a large number of possible candidate messages, but not unbounded in practice.