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This page documents the modern legislative committee as though it were a generic design for broad-based decision guidance.1


  1. ^ Though actually it is not, because it is insufficiently participatory to be classed as broad-based system guidance. See Stuff:Designs for broad-based decision guidance#Interpolations.
  2. ^ As for the legislature, of which the committee is an elite sub-assembly.
  3. ^ This is the date of the Crown and Parliament Recognition Act, following on the Glorious Revolution (1688) and the Bill of Rights (1689). It serves as the default date of origin for institutions of modern democracy that have no more definite origin. Here we are speaking of institutions in the modern era, not antiquity or the middle ages; and institutions in large states, not city states.
  4. ^ The committee does not itself decide the law, but rather prepares bills for the larger assembly to decide.
  5. ^ A draft bill may be edited while under consideration.
  6. ^ a b c d As for the legislature that is guided.
  7. ^ It is a traditional system, long established.
  8. ^ A permanent committee's initiative is generally unrestricted. It may rework a bill after rejection by the larger assembly for instance. Let's assume this for the generic design of "legislative committee".
  9. ^ The committee as such concerns itself with a limited number of alternative drafts. It has no facility to handle an unbounded number.