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The "is candidate mutable" property answers whether a compositional candidate may alter in its composition. Typically this means a textual candidate. The value is a boolean. Usage example for a page:

{{#set:Is candidate mutable=false}}

In broad-based decision guidance

In designs for broad-based decision guidance, the candidates are the effective formal choices that are available to an ordinary participant in the guideway, whose range is measured by Property:Width. The question of mutability applies to just these candidates. May their composition change during the period in which the participant retains freedom of formal expression in regard to the guided issue? May the least popular in the range, of say candidate legislative bills, incrementally improve and become more popular during this period?

The value is ordinarily false whenever temporal continuity is "punctual", because the period of time in which the candidate can safely change its composition does not exist. To allow a candidate to mutate between the immutable votes of two participants would render the meaning of the results disputable.

Pages using the property "Is candidate mutable"

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