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  2. ^ Loomio is based on voting. "When you’re ready to have your say, click one of the four decision buttons."1
  3. ^ An August 2013 blog post says, "We are excited to announce that after 15 months of hard work, we’re finally launching publicly!"
  4. ^ Uncertain, but it's not mentioned on the otherwise informative about page.1
  5. ^ Home page.
  6. ^ a b "Loomio is a... tool for group decision-making... where it’s easy for anyone to participate in decisions that affect them."5
  7. ^ "Proposals" in the screen shots are relatively uncomplicated normative texts that are entered through web forms.1
  8. ^ Apparently Loomio is being sold or rented; it has a "pricing".1
  9. ^ As a participant, "you can change your position as many times as you like until the proposal closes."1
  10. ^ The "four decision buttons" are "agree", "abstain", "disagree" and "block". For actual participants (non-abstainers), this boils down to the usual chouce1