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Broad-based decision guidance is the regulation of administrative decisions under advice of the lifeworld.1 While the administrative system can say with authority what a decision is, only the affected lifeworld can rightfully say what it ought to be. This split of competences raises the possibility of a reciprocal relation in which the system accepts the guidance of the lifeworld, and the lifeworld accepts the decisions of the system. A formal decision guideway may be instituted to facilitate the relation, as shown in figure LDA.

LGS-L.png LGS-gapL.png LGS-G.png LGS-gapS.png LGS-S.png Fig. LDA
Lifeworld λ Decision
σ Administrative

The immediate object of guidance within the administrative system is always a decision subsystem, while most designs would ultimately situate the guiding subject (the guide) within the lifeworld's public sphere. Because the latter is necessarily powerless, the guidance provided by this arrangement would always be advisory. Such a public form of decision guidance was first attempted in the late 1700s,2 but the public sphere at the time was unable to hold up its end of the arrangement owing to structural faults, and it subsequently failed.3

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