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Goh09 Fred Gohlke. 2009. Language/framing quibble. Election Methods.


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  2. ^ "This is a distillation process, biased in favor of the most upright and capable of our citizens."1 The participants remaining at each level of distillation are an elite. The result at the final level is therefore the decision of an elite.
  3. ^ Dating from the list post
  4. ^ The candidate is a fellow triad member.
  5. ^ a b "Level 1 is the initial grouping of the entire electorate, Level 2 is the grouping of the selections made at Level 1, and so forth. The entire electorate participates at level 1 giving everyone an equal opportunity to advance to succeeding levels."1 Initially inclusive then progressively exclusive, it is therefore both.
  6. ^ a b "Repeat from step 2 until a target number of selections is reached. The target number will be the number of local offices to be filled and the community's candidates for county, state and national elective offices."1 The method therefore applies to single and multi-winner elections both.
  7. ^ The method yields an electoral decision in which "each elected official sits atop a pyramid of known electors".1
  8. ^ "As the process advances through the levels, the amount of time the participants spend together increases. At level 1, triads may meet for a few minutes, over a back-yard fence, so-to-speak, but that would not be adequate at higher levels."1
  9. ^ "No participant may vote for himself... Each participant must make a choice between the other two people in the triad".1 At a given time, the triad participant has exactly this range of choice. If he or she could explicitly abstain too, then the width would increase to 3.