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This is a glossary of technical terms for Votorola. It includes a partial set of diagrammatic symbols; for the complete set, see the legend.

abstract position draft

  • A position draft that contains a region of unspecified content (hotspot).
draftAbstract.png   See Template:Hotspot and Category:Abstractor.

account pipe

  • A pipe representing an expenditures account in an apportionment primary.
pipe.png   See Category:Account pipe and Stuff:Votorola/p/budgeting.

base candidate

  • A root candidate, or a cycler.
See theory.xht#base-candidate.


  • A candidate and all voters.
Cf. #group.

broad-based decision guidance

  • The regulation of administrative decisions under advice of the lifeworld.
See Stuff:Broad-based decision guidance.


  • One who receives a vote.
candidate.png See theory.xht#vote.


  • (to carry a vote) To propel through a delegate to the next candidate. Not to hold.
See theory.xht#medium.


  • (to cast a vote) To originate from the voter and to propel toward the immediate candidate.

communicative action

  • Social action that is coordinated by discussion aimed at mutual understanding or consensus.
See theory.xht#communicative-action.

component pipe

  • A pipe representing a variable unit in the composition of a text.
componentPipe.png   See Category:Component pipe.


  • General agreement.
Cf. #unanimity.


  • (of voting) In which a cast vote may be shifted by the voter, or withdrawn, at any time.


  • (in transitive voting) A circular flow of votes that arises when voting for one's voter, directly or indirectly.
See theory.xht#cycle. Cf. #tree.


  • (in transitive voting) One who votes for one's own voter, directly or indirectly. A cycler is also a base candidate.
See theory.xht#cycle.

decision guideway

  • A device for broad-based decision guidance.
See Stuff:Broad-based decision guidance and Stuff:Votorola/p#LGS.


  • A candidate and a voter. One who both receives a vote and casts a vote.
delegate.png   See theory.xht#medium.

delegate cascade

See #transitive.


See #position draft.


  • A person who has the right to vote in an election.


  • A device for broad-based system guidance.
See Stuff:Broad-based system guidance.


  • A candidate and immediate voters.
Cf. #branch.


  • (to hold a vote) To keep with a candidate. Not to carry to further candidates.
See theory.xht#base-candidate.


  • (of a poll) What happens as a consequence of the poll.
See Category:Issue, theory.xht#issue.

leaf position

  • Not a candidate.
  • Atop a tree.


  • One who controls a pipe.
See Property:Minder.

office nominee

  • The applicant whom the minder of an office pipe intends to appoint to the office.
officeNominee.png See Category:Office pipe.

office pipe

  • A pipe representing an office in an executive power structure.
componentPipe.png supercomponentPipe.png   See Category:Office pipe.

open party

Also known as a "technical party", or "public party".


  • An impersonal position manned by a pipe minder. It carries votes like a delegate, but its own vote never counts. Generally the pipe represents a group or other association of persons.
pipe.png   See Category:Pipe.


  • A decision guideway that effects its guidance through the currency of consensus. It formalizes agreement as a collection of primary votes on a prospective issue, which in Votorola means a forest of trees.
See Category:Poll.


  • The intersection of a user and a poll; a person's or group's stance in regard to the issue of the poll.
position.png   See Category:Position. Cf. #pipe.

position draft

  • A textual contribution to a position.
draft.png   See Category:Draft.


  • (in broad-based decision guidance) A decision guideway.

root candidate

  • A candidate who is not a voter. A root candidate is also a base candidate.
See theory.xht#base-candidate.

supercomponent pipe

  • A pipe representing a group of components.
supercomponentPipe.png   See Category:Supercomponent pipe.


  • (of voting) In which a vote may be carried through any number of contiguous delegates. Also know as 'delegate cascade'.
See a/M2#i2 and theory.xht#medium.


  • The typical form of a cascade of transitive votes.
Cf. #cycle.


  • Total agreement.
Cf. #consensus.


  • A formal participant in the practice.


  • A position that votes directly for a component pipe.
See Category:Component pipe#Variant nomination.


  • A formalized unit of agreement.
See theory.xht#vote.


  • One who casts a vote.
voter.png See theory.xht#vote.

wild variant

  • The variant that is nominated by a component pipe.
wildVariant.png See Category:Component pipe#Variant nomination.