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A supercomponent pipe represents a group of components. Its direct voters are ordinarily component pipes and/or supercomponent pipes. It serves to integrate these and coordinate their patch flow, while presenting the integrated whole as a single component to the downstream candidate.1 Accordingly the supercomponent pipe, unlike a component pipe, requires draft content.

Creating a supercomponent pipe

Each supercomponent pipe declares itself by a template call in the following form:

{{supercomponent pipe
 | is active = Property:Is active value.
 | minder = Property:Minder value, but without the "User" namespace.
 | poll = Property:Poll value.  Encoded in the page under id "pipePoll".

Certain restrictions of placement and form are necessary for this to work correctly. The template call must precede any section headings that are written to the same page. And the template parameters must be assigned in the order shown above.2 Violating these restrictions may cause the pipe to fail. To create a supercomponent pipe:

  1. Follow the instructions of Category:Pipe to create a basic pipe, or to reactivate an existing one.

  2. Ensure the wikitext of the pipe declaration is in supercomponent form:

    {{supercomponent pipe
     | is active = true
     | minder = YOUR USERNAME
     | poll = Sys/p/sandbox
     }} <!-- must precede any section headings, parameter order matters -->

    You may want to copy from an existing supercomponent-pipe page. In any case insert your own mailish username and the correct name of the poll.

  3. Ensure the wikitext is in draft form, either local or remote.


  1. ^ See also Stuff:Votorola/p/position space rationalization.
  2. ^ See PipeRevision.TEMPLATE_CALL_PATTERN.

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