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An issue is something that happens as a consequence of a poll. Examples are the establishment of a norm and the election of a candidate to office. Polls are generally tagged by the category of prospective issue, though sometimes the category is left unspecified (u), as with the following polls:

  Display title Issue Division
De/p/Piraten Piraten-Spielwiese Issue De
G/p/cR Constitutional offences and offenders Issue G
G/p/sandbox Sandbox poll Issue G
IP/p/prae Präambel Issue IP
NYC/p/malet Letter to the Mayor Issue NYC/GA/call-to-action
NYC/p/mypol Learning Votorola Issue NYC/GA/demands
P2P/p/dorf Issue P2P/network/P2P Village
WPE/p/001 Test poll Issue WPE


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