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The display title property specifies an informal, descriptive title for a page. In cases where the page name itself suffices for a display title, this property need not be set. It is commonly used in cases where the page name is formal and non-descriptive, as in poll and position pages. The form is text in wiki-style title case. In English, that typically means only the first letter of the leading word is capitalized.


The display title of this page is [[display title::Why I love pollwikis, part 2]].

How to change the display title

To change the actual title that users see (and not just set a property), use one of the following methods:

  • {{poll summary}} - Use this for a poll page, setting its title parameter to your chosen title.
  • {{position}} - Use this for a position page, setting its title parameter to your chosen title.
  • {{title}} - For other pages, use this convenience template to simultaneously set both the display title property (this property): and the actual {{DISPLAYTITLE}}.
  • {{DISPLAYTITLE}}   Use this to change the actual display title without setting a property. (If you don't know what a property is, then you probably don't need one.)

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