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If you roughly agree with my position below, please consider voting for me! In case you have possible improvements, please express them on your position page so I can consider merging them into mine.

If you can not agree, please propose an alternative on your position page.

Discussions between different positions take place on the Metagovernment-List (Thread: Official Subsidiary Project)

My Position

I propose to form this project as an official subsidiary project of Metagovernment and Liquid Demorcracy e.V. and stay inviting to others who might want to participate too.

This is the strategic plan for it:

in StratML here


Support the creation of an ecosystem of voting facilities, which are all inter-connected and communicating and therefore allow free range voting.


Every voter is free to use his/her favorite voting-tool for casting a vote and this vote is being shown/counted in every other tool too.


  • Freedom
  • Openness
  • Cooperation
  • Competition
  • Self-expression
  • Innovation
  • Synthesis over either conflict or compromise
  • Resilience in the face of conflict


Provide the necessary facilities in support of free-range voting, including a common voter register and supports for poll identification and vote mirroring.


Finish and maintain a poll identification facility (pollwiki). Finish and maintain a sockpuppet-proof residential voter register (streetwiki).


  • Voters
  • Developers of voting tools


I suggest "Metagovernment" as the goal of this project is entirely consistent with the goals of Metagovernment as a whole. Atm I own both domains: and These would go into the property of the organization or the voters themselves, as defined in the domain ownership poll.

Next Steps

Create a cooperative or other form of management which is not dependent on a single individual or group of individuals. (Other more modern examples include the open company and A well-crafted set of organizational bylaws should be able to make an organization which is controlled only by a consensus of its members. Determining the specifics is tricky in that the software for governance is still in developmental stages, but we can define stages of increasingly open control, if that becomes necessary