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If you roughly agree with my position below, please consider voting for me! In case you have possible improvements, please express them on your position page so I can consider merging them into mine.

If you do not agree, please propose an alternative on your position page.

Discussions between different positions take place on the Metagovernment-List



Support the creation and maintenance of an ecosystem of voting facilities, which are all inter-connected and communicating and therefore allow free range voting.


Every voter is free to use his/her favorite voting-tool for casting a vote and this vote is being shown/counted in every other tool too.


  • Freedom
  • Openness
  • Cooperation
  • Competition
  • Self-expression
  • Innovation


Provide and maintain the necessary facilities in support of free-range voting, including a common voter register and supports for poll identification and vote mirroring.


  • Voters
  • Developers of voting tools
  • Administrators of voting tools

Next Steps

  • Find domain names for the software and the project to run under (Straw poll starting with this post).
  • Create the legal framework of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) for the project.
  • Give the LLP the ownership of the domains.
  • Draft the homepage of the project.

See also

  • The strategic plan for this project in StratML here