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Eligible voters 7,081,000,0001

General polls

Poll Display title Issue
G/p/0010 Video on world peace Plan
G/p/MetaGov Open Governance 2010 Plan
G/p/c Model constitution Law
G/p/cR Constitutional offences and offenders Issue
G/p/de Difference bridge Plan
G/p/edor Registration framework Plan
G/p/endov Endorsement of primary voting media Policy
G/p/frvp Free-range voting Plan
G/p/m00 Metagov rules Law
G/p/mho Metagovernment home page Plan
G/p/owdo Domain ownership for the free-range voting project Law
G/p/prz e-democracy prize Plan
G/p/sandbox Sandbox poll Issue
G/p/vohall Votorola's home page Plan
G/p/vrs Voting reform statement Policy
G/p/wpe World Parliament Experiment 2.0 and Votorola Policy
Sys/p/sandbox Policy


  1. ^ Projected population of world as of 2013-04-25. http://www.census.gov/main/www/popclock.html