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The issue of a plan (nP) is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.[1]

Planning polls

  Display title Issue Division
DD/p/coloRadio coloRadio Plan DD
G/p/0010 Video on world peace Plan G
G/p/MetaGov Open Governance 2010 Plan G
G/p/de Difference bridge Plan G
G/p/edor Registration framework Plan G
G/p/frvp Free-range voting Plan G
G/p/hovn Home page for the Open Voting Network Plan NYC/GA/ovn
G/p/mho Metagovernment home page Plan G
G/p/prz e-democracy prize Plan G
G/p/rovn Remedial action plan for the Open Voting Network Plan NYC/GA/ovn
G/p/vohall Votorola's home page Plan G
Mann/p/oschule Offene Schulen Plan Mann
Mann/p/urgar Urban Gardening Plan Mann



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