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The issue of a policy (nPo) is a general, guiding principle of action, or a set of principles.[1]

Policy polls

  Display title Issue Division
BC/p/ginger Ginger Group Policy BC
Can/p/visigov Ethics Standing Committee Policy Can
De/p/Sexismusbekaempfung Wie Sexismus bekämpfen? Policy De
G/p/endov Endorsement of primary voting media Policy G
G/p/vrs Voting reform statement Policy G
G/p/wpe World Parliament Experiment 2.0 and Votorola Policy G
Mann/p/sandkasten Policy Mann
P2P/p/19jd93 Policy for taking on Debt for Housing Commons financing Policy P2P/network/P2P Housing
P2P/p/3n3d3 Savings and Fiscal Responsibility Policy P2P/network/P2P Housing
P2P/p/d12934 New building budget Policy P2P/network/P2P Housing
P2P/p/d7283 New building details Policy P2P/network/P2P Housing
P2P/p/mms P2P - Housing - Monthly meeting schedule Policy P2P/network/P2P Housing
Sys/p/sandbox Policy G


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