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The division property specifies an administrative division for purposes such as polling. The allowable values are pages in Category:Division. The exact meaning depends on the type of the subject page.

Poll pages

Every poll uses this property to specify a single division, which in turn defines the administrative scope of the poll.1 For example, in a poll page:

Tor/p/tsmp - The administration of this poll is defined by [[division::Tor/riding/Trinity-Spadina]].

Division pages

Divisions also use this property to specify their divisional components. Divisional components are themselves divisions, and their combination typically serves to define the demographic scope of the division's polls — which registrants are eligible to vote. If no components are specified for a division, then divisional membership is not an eligibility criterion for its polls. If only a single component is specified, then it is typically that of the division itself. For example:

Tor/riding/Trinity-Spadina - To vote in this division's polls, you must be registered in [[division::Tor/riding/Trinity-Spadina]].

Multiple divisional components may be specified. The specification is non-recursive; it does not extend to components of components. The combinatorial logic is that of union, with each divisional component increasing the number of eligible voters.2

Divisional components are currently restricted to the local wiki. In future, it will be possible to specify components by remote URL. Local divisions might then be hosted in separate streetwikis, yet still be composed into the larger divisions of state and federal pollwikis.

Registrant user pages

Finally, the division property asserts which divisions a registrant is a member of.3 For example:

User:Mike-ZeleaCom - I am a member of the divisions [[division::Tor/assorted_division/City-wide]], [[division::Tor/riding/Trinity-Spadina]] and [[division::Tor/ward/20]].

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  1. ^ Assignment of a poll to multiple divisions will probably be supported in future. This would allow for the creation of ad hoc composite divisions whereby, for example, two electoral districts might combine to vote on a common issue. Until this is supported, the composite division would have to be separately defined and named.
  2. ^ The alternative of logical intersection would allow for the definition of polls whose voters are members of two or more divisions simultaneously. For example, the polls might be restricted to those who are residents of Glasgow and members of the Conservative Party. This kind of logic is not currently supported.
  3. ^ The registrant need not specify geo-political divisions above the level of the local registry area (city or rural region), as those higher divisions are almost always composites of local divisions. Thus a registrant of Toronto need not assert membership in the divisions of Ontario or Canada, as those divisions will assert that membership themselves.

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