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Eligible voters 101

The Open Voting Network aims to support (A) the participatory development of consensus-making within (B) an open network of alternative tools and practices from which (C) each participant may freely choose according to personal need or preference.

Polls for this working group

Governing polls

Poll Display title Issue
G/p/govn Promulgation of governing norms for the Open Voting Network Law
G/p/hovn Home page for the Open Voting Network Plan
G/p/rovn Remedial action plan for the Open Voting Network Plan

Topical polls

These are polls that concern the Open Voting Network in some way, but are not specific to the working group's internal administration or governance.

Poll Display title Issue Division
G/p/endov Endorsement of primary voting media Policy G
Sys/p/sandbox Policy G

Registration for this working group

- this working group has no registrants -

You may participate in the discussion and drafting of group governance issues without registering. You may also vote, but any vote you cast will not be counted until after you register. To register, assert divisional membership in this working group. Place your assertion in the wikitext of your user page. Conventionally it is placed under a "Working groups" heading, as shown in this example (colored text):

====Working groups====
* [[Division::NYC/GA/ovn]]
* [[Division::NYC/GA/fu]]
* [[Division::NYC/GA/bar]]
* and so on


  1. ^ Estimate of how many voters are eligible according to the rules of G/p/govn.
  2. ^ If you are registered and your name does not appear here, then you might want to do a dummy edit on this page.