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  3. ^ "Dies kann von einem reinen Austausch von Argumenten bis hin zu einem konsensorientierten Prozess reichen."1 But they focus on the formalization of argument, perhaps with the aid of micro-voting on argument components,2 but never a consensus formalized through macro-voting on the overall issue. ~Mike-ZeleaCom
  4. ^ The mailing list archive goes back to 2012. And "Die Grundidee" (the Basic Idea) was posted to the wiki in that year.
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  8. ^ Private email from Marc Piwecki to Michael Allan, 2014.1.26.
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  10. ^ "AG Liquid Feedback mit Entscheidungssystemen"5 and "Entscheidungssystem --> AG Liquid Democracy",6 meaning that the Liquid Democracy working group is charged with providing a compatible decision system. Currently they focus on supporting LiquidFeedback.7 Note however that the Meinungsfindungstool group leader, Marc Piwecki, says the group has no definite idea on how to interface with the decision system yet,8 nor any preference for interfacing with LiquidFeedback.9
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  12. ^ a b c This might depend on the particular "plug-in",11 but currently none appears to be documented.
  13. ^,
  14. ^ As for the decision system LiquidFeedback.
  15. ^ According to list post d!sco Release 0.3 Beta.