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A deployment area for voting facilities. An administrative space or context within which a set of voting facilities are independently installed, maintained and operated. The deployment area may correspond to a city, state or organization, or it may be defined in some other way by its administrator. There are no restrictions on the definition of deployment areas.1 Usage example for a top-level area page:


Area naming restrictions

Each area is formalized as a top-level page of the wiki (example Tor), while its polls, polling divisions and so forth are formalized as subpages (Tor subpages). The area name thus forms a part of each poll name and is therefore subject to the same naming restrictions (ASCII characters and so forth). See Category:Poll for details.

The area name must not begin with "Sys", in any combination of upper and lowercase letters. Those names are restricted to reserved areas, such as Sys.

Setting a custom logo for an area

To set a custom logo image for an area AREA, upload a PNG image file to File:AREALogo.png, where AREA is the area name. For size restrictions, see $wgLogo. The image will appear at top-left of all area pages.2


See also

  • Deployment areas   Further information
  • List of areas - With summary descriptions
  • Property:Area - How to associate a deployment area with a pollwiki page
  • Votorola/t - An architectural example of how deployment areas relate to other facilities within the broader context of broad-based system guidance

Property settings


  1. ^ Parts of this page are copied from
  2. ^ If the logo file is uploaded after the area pages are created, then it might not appear immediately. You may have to clear your brower's cache, or (how can this be?) wait for the wiki to clear its own page cache.
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  4. ^ a b "The system is structured as a network of sites."3 Dating from this archived document which uses the earlier term "site" to identify a deployment area.
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  6. ^ An area is basically formalized as a dedicated pollwiki, or a top-level page in a multi-area pollwiki.5 These are MediaWiki constructs.
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  9. ^ As a largely administrative facility, areas should not be considered beta stage till at least a full, 3-stage rollout of a dedicated pollwiki is supported.7 The current support extends only to stage 2, and only as a "hack".8

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