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Polls in this network

Poll Display title Issue
P2P/p/19jd93 Policy for taking on Debt for Housing Commons financing Policy
P2P/p/30242 150K+ Capital purchase decision rules Norm
P2P/p/3n3d3 Savings and Fiscal Responsibility Policy
P2P/p/d12934 New building budget Policy
P2P/p/d7283 New building details Policy
P2P/p/mms P2P - Housing - Monthly meeting schedule Policy
Eligible voters 2241

Introduction to P2P Housing Commons Test Polls

Housing is a concern for every individual on the planet, and many have seen the statistics that communal housing can lower costs and lead to a happy community life besides.

How does governance and protocol relate to these benefits? How does a direct and flat, equitable democracy facilitate or hamper the activities of a peer network housing commons?

Common housing is a delicate situation. There's financial, social, ethical and all manner of other considerations. How can e-tools improve the situation?

For some general background on a P2P Multi-Unit Housing Commons you can see this link on the P2P Foundation Wiki. The kind of policy to be set receives a general treatment at this link on P2P Protocol on the same P2P Foundation wiki.

Creating and Destroying P2P Protocol

Through the use of the tools we will discover what kinds of protocol are best created in this setting, as well as what should be done in other ways.

Some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Starting from the beginning can be useful.
    • How can this toolset be used to create protocol for creating protocol?
  • Look at some simple examples to gain proficiency
    • The "Meeting Times" poll is a simple example that also points to the sublime aspect of 24/7 continuous polling
    • How could we approve new members?
  • Consider different types of protocol
    • Financial Protocol, Leadership Positions and Resource Usage Protocol are different animals. How do we handle the polls differently to respect that?
  • How do we mix the variables we have available?
    • How can time be used to speed or slow change within a community? 1 day to vote, or poll must be 80% in favor before closing? for 3 months?

There are so many options, and part of the goal here is to build our vocabulary and understanding of how direct democracy can be used to manage the various aspects of our network.

Adding New P2P Housing Polls

You will need to create an account for the Pollwiki and Votorola. Instructions are on the help page. Once you have an account you can return here.

You can create a new poll in this P2P Housing Network by creating a new page. Start by creating a new page.

To do that open a new tab in your browser and past in the following URL and add a 5 digit set of letters and numbers after it. This is a quick 'random string'. Here's the url: "http://obsidian.reluk.ca/w/P2P/p/".


Once you have created the new page you will place the following text into it, and fill in the information as appropriate for your poll.

{{poll summary
 | title = The title of your poll goes here
 | short description = A short description of your poll goes here
 | issue type = Policy
 | division = P2P/network/P2P Housing
{{position list}}


Adding Your Position to a P2P Housing Poll

Creating a position starts within a poll. When you visit a poll page you will see a number of buttons in the top right area of the page. One of them will say "My Position."

Clicking on "My Position" will create a new position page for you for that poll. Each voter has only one position page for each poll.

Once you have that new page open you then paste in the following information for your template position. The template insures that your positions shows up in the poll.

{{position summary
 | position description=Add a short description of your position here.

Add the text of your position here.


Where's the Poll or Position I Just Added!?

When you add a poll to a network you will need to do a "dummy edit" of the network page in order to trigger a refresh. To do a dummy edit of a network page, for example the P2P/network/P2P Housing page you click edit, then click save. Your poll will show up immediately. This is also the case for positions on a poll page. You will need to edit the poll page and save it to make your position show up. This is a temporary issue to speed up service on the Pollwiki during development.

Get Involved

See the P2P page for more information about getting involved.


  1. ^ residents of the housing commons.