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The resource accounting framework (the RAC) enables resources to be contributed to an issue, or pledged to an issue.1 A resource is something of value in the issue such as agreement, money, labour or materials. This page is a stub. We hope eventually to finish it.

See also

  • Votorola/t - An architectural example of how the RAC relates to other facilities within the broader context of broad-based system guidance

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  1. ^ a b The original design sketch is by Michael Allan. Parts of the design follow from a Skype conversation between Christian Weilbach and Michael Allan in the summer of 2011. These include the tying of pledge flow to vote flow, and the rough outlines of in-branch superaccounting.
  2. ^ Dating from the first design sketch to describe superaccounts:
  3. ^ Formalized as page properties within the pollwiki.
  4. ^
  5. ^
  6. ^ The RAC is implemented in parts of Votorola's user interface,4 but usually it is disabled.5 And currently the only resource that is actually counted on the vote-server is that of agreement, formalized as votes. Therefore the RAC is not yet alpha.