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Hello. I sail under the name conseo here. I am currently assisting Mike by working on the harvesting-service. The goal is to show all discussions related to the current context (position of a poll), by showing discussions about specific differences between positions. This is a unique feature, possible due to the difference merging mechanism of Votorola to deal with large and fine-grained texts (plans, laws,...).

The current design is based on the previous attempt with Mike on the difference feeder and its Crossforum bits. The feed will embed as a track below the current track-stack which is embedded on all our sites and friendly remote wikis like this one on

I have joined Votorola to extend it with a resource management system, allowing people to assign amounts of resources to their votes and therefore create new types of economies. I am currently trying to model general counting mechanisms on a live tree , to get a better understanding of contributions and conditions on vote and how they affect the tree.


Area of residence Mannheim
PLZ 68163

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