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Following is an index of tools, media and other facilities of the Votorola architecture. This page is a stub. We hope eventually to finish it.

GA.png Fig. GA1
RA.png Fig. RA1


Table A above is sortable. Re-sort the rows by clicking the column headers atop the table. Then use shift-click to add secondary sort keys.2 The data columns are defined as follows:

Platform Principal programming languages and middleware as recorded by the form property.
P Provider of the design as recorded by the origin property. Empty means that Votorola is the provider.
Date Date of origin for the design.
Stage of development.
- pre-alpha
a alpha
b beta
c production
Scope of the design as recorded by the purpose property. Unmarked designs are intended as general infrastructure for the guideways of all providers, not just Votorola.
| narrow scope specific to Votorola


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  1. ^ a b Image credit: The pollwiki and streetwiki symbols are derived from Michael Moorcock's chaos symbol.
  2. ^ Multi-key sorting is described at See also
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