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This is a contractual agreement (contract) among the caretakers of the domain name (caretakers). The caretakers are bound by the contract. The terms of the contract are as follows:


The contract is to be posted in public, where everyone can see it.


The intention is to transfer the domain name squarely into public hands, such that the public is thence in firm control of it (intended transfer). The mechanism for achieving the intended transfer is supersession. Should it ever appear that an impending supersession is unlikely to succeed in the intended transfer, then the caretakers have the responsibility to veto the supersession.


Each caretaker has a right of veto. The right of veto may be exercised at any time prior to supersession by public announcement (announcement of intent). A copy of the announcement of intent shall be sent (CC) to each of the other caretakers. The announcement of intent shall clearly specify the intent to veto, and the reasons for the veto.

Upon announcement of intent, the veto shall enter a pending state (pending veto). While in a pending state, the public may question the reasons for the veto, and the caretaker is expected to respond. The caretaker may withdraw the pending veto at any time (withdrawn veto). A withdrawn veto is no longer pending and has no further effect.

If the veto remains pending for 30 full days, then it ceases to be pending and comes into effect. Once a veto has come into effect, it may not be withdrawn. Within 30 full days of the veto coming into effect, the domain name shall be removed from normal service. Thence, and for period of at least 5 years, the domain name shall be used exclusively to post forwarding URLs on the Web. One forwarding URL shall be posted on behalf of each caretaker, with the address of the URL to be determined by that caretaker.

The posting service for the forwarding URLs shall be provided at reasonable market rates. The cost of the service shall be apportioned equally among the caretakers who are able to pay. If any caretaker fails to pay the assigned portion, then that caretaker's forwarding URL may be removed temporarily from view, until the amount is paid.

Veto precludes supersession. Supersession shall not occur while a veto is pending, nor after a veto has come into effect.1


The caretakers control the domain name on behalf of the voters till they "come of age". The contract shall be superseded by new terms of ownership, to be determined by the voters when:

  1. They reach a consensus of 1000 votes on new terms of ownership, and it holds for roughly 3 months.
  2. Those votes are posted in public for another 3 months.
  3. Each voter may challenge and disavow his vote, in that time.
  4. The votes are technically verifyable.
  5. No veto is currently pending or in effect.

All rights of veto are lost on supersession.


  1. ^ Although veto precludes supersession, the effort of the voters to find a consensus on the superseding terms of ownership is not lost. They can of course always continue with that effort, and apply the resulting terms to a different domain name.