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Preparatory Draft Only (Not for public distribution)

Will of the People Project (WPP) proposed five minute video

Begin Script:

Do you want world peace? If so, how do you think world peace can be achieved?

Most people understand that world peace will not automatically “just happen” as if by magic or by waiting for someone to bring it about. It will be a process of design, integrity and purpose.

It’s only common sense that “peace” is obtained within each of us - individually. It’s a process that grows one individual at a time. The process will also require an integrity revolution - this is crucial. It would be hard to make viable decisions with people who are not on the same ethical page in this respect.

This means that we need to first be ethical and peaceful people ourselves individually, within our families and our local communities. Then we can develop a peaceful township, county, state and national assembly.

Some think that a “group of leaders” can do it for us. The United Nations has been looked upon by some as the “group of leaders” that can create world peace.

However, since the United Nations was created in 1948 (more than sixty years ago), it's becoming more apparent that world peace will require more than the efforts of the current United Nations organization. 'Human rights abuse’ within countries is protected by the current international system, allowing violent dictatorships to reign with impunity. Being peaceful within oneself is insufficient to remedy this problem. Therefore, we have to rise together with integrity, disavow the international system and participate in designing, enabling and inserting another system into the world.

After acknowledging this, some claim that yet another international organization needs to be created to replace the United Nations and achieve world peace.

But, really, how can any “group of leaders”, created on a world level, achieve world peace without the consent of, and the cooperation of, the People of the World? It should be obvious that an international “organization” or “group of leaders” cannot be created to “impose” world peace from the top-down (mostly through military and/or police force). It has to be voluntarily nurtured and created from the grass roots up - inclusive of as much of the population as possible. This is part of what a “peaceful world” requires.

Only after all this has happened on each of these levels will it be possible to then be peaceful on a world-wide level. This, again, seems just plain common sense.

So, how does it all start?

After we each commit to be peaceful ourselves, we then start to assemble with other like-minded peace-loving people. This is called “organizing”. And when any group of people organize themselves, decisions need to be made from time to time. And if everyone is to be respected equally (as equal co-Sovereigns or co-Grantors and not citizens/subjects or co-Trustees or Beneficiaries), everyone needs to have open access to the decision-making process - knowing, at the same time, that not everyone will participate. Hence, a sufficient number of people need to agree to use a particular decision-making method in which to make decisions together on each geopolitical level.

Please keep in mind, however, that each of these levels will have a government structure created by the People. Within this structure the People can elect or appoint certain Deputies amongst themselves to carry out as directed certain clearly identified duties for different seats of government. So “everyone” will not be involved in making “all” the day-to-day decisions in every seat of government. It’s just important to understand that the ultimate authority is always retained by the People, and they may intervene at any geo-political level, at any time, to make right what may have gone wrong - rather than having to wait till the next election to possibly vote someone else into that government seat (in hopes that a replacement will perform better). This is just being responsible and it’s responsibility that leads to peace.

Before considering the various on-line decision-making methods that have been developed over the years, there’s something important to consider.

Many have come to the somewhat obvious conclusion that a “vessel” needs to be created first. This “vessel” will have the capacity to hold any number of decision-making systems that can be easily interconnected. This will allow the People in each geo-political level to select a decision-making technology of their own choice - all of which will all be interconnected (using the same data bases). This vessel will also allow all the various geopolitical levels around the world to be interconnected at the same time. Therefore, everything will be transparent and everyone can learn from each other’s experiences by a simple search function.

So, there are people currently forming two groups that may be called “passion groups”. These groups are made up of people who have a specific passion they wish to nurture, grow and share. One passion group consists of those who are building the “vessel” by interconnecting all organizations who share the goal of world peace (this may even include the existing United Nations organization). The second passion group consists of those who are building the on-line decision-making technologies and figuring out how they can all be interconnected.


The organizations currently focusing on, and formally declared to be committed to, the possibilities of creating the “vessel” are:

Centre for International Governance Innovation ( (To be confirmed)

Coalition for Democratic World Government ( (To be confirmed)

Committee for a Democratic UN ( (To be confirmed)

Democratic World Federalists ( (To be confirmed)

Democratic World Government ( (To be confirmed)

Earth People Government ( (To be confirmed)

Embassy Council Embassy 2012 (

Global Parliament ( (To be confirmed)

Humanitad ( (To be confirmed)

Jnana Australia ( (To be confirmed)

Living Together Network (

Living Systems (

One World Trust ( (To be confirmed)

Second Republic Movement ( (To be confirmed)

SIMPOL ( (To be confirmed)

Sustainability Research Institute (

[The Sustainability Research Institute site may be currently down, if so, you may contact its Director, Dudley Leggett, at: Dudley <>]

United Nations ( (To be confirmed)

United People Virtual World government Trust (

Will of the People Project (

World Service Authority ( (To be confirmed)

The various on-line decision-making technologies are: technology as used on (

LIBRECOM Project and CIVIVA World Service (no site yet) (To be confirmed)

Nornorna - a Vivarto derivative ( (To be confirmed)

Votorola project of MIT ( (To be confirmed)

Please help us in any way you can. You can encourage these groups or be part of either of these groups, or help us find those who you think would like to be part of them.


For good preparation for participation in this process please read:

EC2012 Earth Council - available via

Emergence from Illusion - a memoir by Ricardo Johansson available:

Global Call for Collaboration - available on

Humanitad - World Leadership Quarterly available on

“Title to be obtained” by Alistair Smith

Kitchen Table Sustainability by Dr. Wendy Sarkissian