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My platform is as follows:


  • Asbestos free
  • Free of black mould
  • Structurally sound
  • Safe places for students, regardless of ethnicity, sexual identity or socio-economic background
  • Safety for all students and staff, without the use of police officers


  • Education is a right for every child!
  • All kids deserve access to a better quality of education no matter where they live in the city
  • Art, music and French are just as important as math and science
  • Understanding that urban education needs are sometimes very different from suburban education needs
  • Parents should not have to move out of our community to raise children


  • Closing schools is not the way to balance the budget, instead we should be moving to charter schools
  • Schools should be used as community centres
  • Building schools helps build cities
  • Smaller neighbourhood schools are better than larger, factory-farm regional schools
  • Schools need to become examples of green buildings for the future
  • Alternative schools provide more opportunities for more kids to succeed

Modified from Christopher Moise's campaign brochure, page 2: