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For usability

  • A common stage and link track for all pages.
  • Footing controls in drafts and bridge.
  • Automated draft creation.
  • Single sign-on.

To attract new users

  • A talk track.

To scale

  • Crossforum extent.
  • Vote mirroring.
  • The RAC.
  • Crossforum Theatre.


This section contains a more complete and detailed plan. It breaks the laconic rule, however, so I present it as an appendix. The plan is to develop and deploy the following capabilities in order.


The problem is that the user is confused by the separation of drafting, discussion and voting sites. He becomes disoriented when moving among them and across the difference bridge (yet another site) that binds them.1 The solution has four parts:2

  • Bind all separate sites and pages with a common stage incorporating a link track.34
  • Embed the bridge footing controls in both draft pages and difference bridge for sake of orientation. Lay the controls horizontally to match the vote flow of the votespace view. Add co-voters.5
  • Automate the creation of new drafts; when the user clicks on "My draft" and there is none, offer to create it.
  • Bind all separate sites with a single sign-on facility.

If usability alone brings us users, then users and their practices can guide the design forward within this framework (jump straight to Scale). Otherwise we can think up recruitment schemes and develop specialized tracks to support them on stage if necessary. The next section of the plan might therefore be modified accordingly.


Discussion is the main attractor for new users and needs to be displayed prominently. The original Crossforum Theatre was designed to solve this problem but it cannot be developed without user feedback and is therefore stalled. Also it would provide only a single display "window". The new solution is a live "talk track" that sits beneath the link track on the revised stage whence it can be deployed more widely, even in conventional web pages.6


The problem is to extend a single conversation across all of society. The solution is the deliberate pursuit of crossforum extent and cross-project vote mirroring supported in turn by the RAC resource accounting framework and a revised design of Crossforum Theatre.73


  1. ^ The separation of drafting, discussion and voting sites is illustrated in the top portion of the architectural diagram.
  2. ^ The usability solution is discussed in the thread Mini-beta development plan.
  3. ^ a b See Stage and StageV for an overview of the stage design for Crossforum Theatre.
  4. ^ The link track is the black and white track atop this mockup of the difference bridge.
  5. ^ Here are the current bridge footing controls with a vertical vote flow (top left, scroll to see) and the corresponding votespace view with a horizontal flow. Here is the new layout of controls with a horizontal flow (see 4) and co-voters.
  6. ^ The talk track is shown as a coloured strip of quarter moons and spheres in this mockup of Votorola's home page.
  7. ^ See the proposed design of the RAC resource accounting framework. Crossforum extent is a resource worth gathering because both a sustained effort and ultimate action depend on it.