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Arguments against the conference

Arguments against the conference include:

  • To host a conference requires a great deal of work. Metagov probably lacks the resources, so the chances of success are low.
  • Even if successful, a conference is a one-shot event. After months of effort, it is over in a single day.
  • The mission of Metagov can better be realized by smaller-scale efforts, that offer a more direct and lasting return.

Instead of hosting a conference

Instead of hosting a conference, Metagov should do one or more of the following:

  • Work with OpenKollab to compile a map of e-democracy projects. Only by knowing who the projects are, and what they are up to, can Metagov fulfil its mission.
  • Help coordinate the task of developing a difference bridge, as a common facility to be shared among all e-democracy projects.

(others, please add your own)