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Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

Your message was received.

It is clearly very important to you that our city maintain the appearance of bank, business, and speculator friendliness. At this moment in our country’s history, kindness to the institutions that bankrupted our economy runs counter to public sentiment, and so public sentiment had to be silenced in support of the former. You have made your choice.

This decision was couched in concerns over safety, legality, and general public welfare. All rhetoric aside, Mr. Bloomberg, this is an untenable position.

We concede that there were some problems at Zuccotti Park. There are always going to be problems when large groups of people organize out of frustration. But if you were indeed concerned that unlawful behavior was making parts of the financial district confusing for outsiders and potentially dangerous for mainstream Americans, then there are plenty of speculators who should have been evicted long before we were. In truth, you are a Wall Street Mayor, and this action was taken on behalf of your constituency.

Please remind us, Mr. Bloomberg, how long MF Global was allowed to occupy their offices on 5th Avenue. Was it greater than two months? Did you send riot police to evict them? Do you believe that our drumming and tents were more dangerous for residents of the Financial District than MF Global’s bookkeeping was for its customers?

When Citibank was knowingly packaging doomed CDOs in your great city, did you request the police use pepper spray or tear gas to remove them? Were executives escorted out in plastic wrist restraints? Or do you believe that their crimes were less damaging to the health and welfare of the public than were our biodiesel generators? Let us remind you that the unemployment rate is over 9%, and that the responsibility for this global financial disaster rests squarely and definitively with your Wall Street constituency. Your constituency has reached their hands through the doors of banks and deep into our pockets, having pushed us into this park from our homes.

Whatever your grievances with our urban camping, there are undoubtedly more significant crimes taking place in the financial centers of your town. The decision to focus your aggression at us was, without question, purely ideological. Take note, Mr. Bloomberg, that your ideology is quickly losing favor with 99% of the American people. We understand that this must be scary for you. But in the future, please try to show some restraint.

Sincerely #OWS