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At this writing, everything below is simply proposed, not set in stone.


Working title

Open Governance 2010


This is an online gathering bringing together all people interested in opening and improving human governance through the use of internet technologies. Additional description here.


Not set. Propose late January as being far enough away to allow for proper planning.



Presenters prepare a relatively short video in advance. We than post all the videos to a website by a certain time. Anyone would then have a day or two to review the videos they want to watch, and write in questions. Presenters would then appear live at two different times (about 12 hours apart... or maybe 36 hours apart) to reply to those questions and also to live follow-ups and new live questions. These additional sessions would also be archived for later viewing. This raises some technological issues (especially getting speakers to be able to produce and encode videos) and also potentially financial issues.


  • Academic track - paper submitted in advance
  • Project track - demonstration, explanation, exposition of individual projects
  • Open track - other presentations not associated with a paper or project


In addition to sessions, we would also want a free-form chat venue(s). It would be great if we could do that in audio or video, but text might be more realistic.

Perhaps we could have text throughout the convention, and a few open video conference sessions at designated times.


Some of this may require monetary outlays, particularly making and sharing videos and enabling large-scale input into sessions. Following are ideas for how we can pay for these things or alternately how particular things can be done for free...

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