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[PS] Position space rationalization. A conventional view (left) of a path through position space,1 and a rationalization view (right) based on a geometric analogy. The primary moments of rationalization are composition (black) and variation (coloured). Secondary moments include abstraction (Aa, Ai, Ab, At), supercomposition (S), and atomic variation (Vu, Vw as opposed to Vx). legend

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  1. ^ Actually two full paths are shown, each flowing from leaf to root (Vu to Aa, Vw to Aa) in a massive tree, itself one tree in a larger forest. All other paths are either hidden, or shown only partly.
  2. ^ a b c d The practice described here concerns text-form issues in general.
  3. ^ The position space is formalized within the aborescent primary as described here.
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