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A draft pointer points to a draft stored in a remote wiki. Like a local draft, the pointer is a position page in the local wiki. It declares itself as a pointer by a template call in the following form:

{{draft pointer
 | page = name of the draft page in the remote drafting site, including
     any namespace.
 | site = name of the remote drafting site, including any namespace.

Certain restrictions of placement and form are necessary for this to work correctly. The template call must precede any section headings that are written to the same page. And the template parameters must be assigned in the order shown above.1 Violating these restrictions will cause the pointer to fail. To test the pointer, click on the draft link at the top of your pointer page, or use the MyDraft redirection service. It should take you to the remote draft. Here is a complete example in wikitext of a page that encodes a draft pointer:

{{position}} {{draft pointer
 | page = Main Page/2010-redesign-8
 | site = Stuff:Metagovernment/wiki

The remote wiki may optionally be configured to provide additional tool supports.2


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  2. ^ For more information on remote drafting sites, see MediaWikiIn.