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I propose to implement a temporary ratification facility using Semantic Mediawiki as a count engine. This should only take a few days to code. It will be a temporary measure, because authoritative voting facilities are beyond the scope of the OVN, and because the SMW facility is unlikely to scale well. The votes will cause too much churn in the wiki. We'll need an external count engine, later.

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Voter eligibility

I propose to formalize the divisional membership criteria (assertions of contribution, peer-vouchers, and so forth) using Semantic Mediawiki. This should only take a few days to code. But again, it will only be temporary, because this evaluative kind of authentication will overload the OVN's voter registry, which is only designed to authenticate objective properties (such as residence). We can merge pre-authenticated properties from external registries (list widening), so that's the way to go in future. See also: