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Can we create a recursive public sphere?1 I set out to answer the question.


It turns out I lack the resources to put the question to much of a test. My attempts are recorded here:

I reached the conclusion that I need to get more scholarly at this point. The latest results give the technology at least one comprehensive design in Votorola, however sketchy it may be. The way forward is to research it and describe it.2

PS - A first attempt at a description yielded a novel moral theory, plus the practical invention of mythopoeic overguidance. These in turn led to an ad hoc experiment in what I call 'overplanning', which is a kind of precursor to mythopoeic overguidance. The results of that experiment were more promising. ~Mike-ZeleaCom 07:24, 19 September 2014 (UTC)


  1. ^ The term "recursive public" is from Christopher Kelty's Two Bits. Duke University Press. 2008.
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