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This is a log of my research into the technology of broad-based system guidance.1 For a conceptual summary of the research results, please see project Votorola's home page.2

Start date Investigation Summary description
2013.09.05 Recursive public sphere
Can we create one?
I lack the resources to answer. But having now obtained a complete design, I conclude the way forward is to research it and describe it.
2013.07.23 Public mirror
Might a simple self-reflector be adequate to sustain a discursive baseline?
I see there's a whole class of reflectors, and think it more interesting to broaden and deepen the circularity.
2013.07.02 Discursive baseline
Can we sustain at least an informal discussion as a baseline, a kind of proto-public for further development?
Apparently not by informal techniques, they require too much unaided effort.
  1. ^ Defined at Stuff:Broad-based system guidance.
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