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P2P Votorola Testing

Peer-to-peer is sometimes defined as the relational system in a distributed network. For the purposes of testing the Votorola system I am using the case of a group of individuals who are the occupants of a commonly held multi-unit apartment building. I am creating polls and test users on the system to explore the use of Votorola as the decision making system for the group with regards to their interactions in the context of this imaginary housing situation.

Votorola holds much promise, and a number of individuals I work with have also agreed that Votorola may be a viable solution and warrants testing and examination. In the process of testing I hope to supply feedback that the project maintainers find interesting and useful. I will also do what I can to directly improve the system.

I intend to invite several people to actively use the system with me. For the most part these individuals are familiar with transactions and voting systems. These folks are also interested, like me, in exploring how Votorola can be used in real world situations not unlike our test case.

A note about the real world situations. The idea of mutual governance of the common housing project that I'll be using for testing comes from one of several similar models under constructions for use in a real-world p2p commons based network. A brief overview of the network is available here: . There is also a description of the housing situation here:

The following types of polls will be explored

  • Creating new policy
  • Managing current policy
  • Managing policy using other policy (one policy states how a vote is finalized works when changing another policy
  • Integrating collaborative research into polls

The hope is to discover a simple set of rules that allows a group of people to manage themselves and their resources in a collaborative, transparent manner. Some of the benefits include:

  • Direct participation
  • Opportunities for delegation, but no requirements
  • Transparency
  • Historical data on votes (diff history, previous votes)
  • Flexible policy
  • Community learning
  • Community negotiation of constraints, avoidance of coercion

Testing Scale

As many active users as wish are welcome to join the test. I intend to manage 3 users who are creating polls, plus about 50 test users who vote for polls in Votorola. I'll create at least 10 polls which will all be in the P2P area. You will se all of the individual polls listed above on this page, as well as on the area page.

Additional documentation for the polls will also be stored here on my profile as I expect I'll be the one writing it. Additional notes and discoveries will be published first on my own site at and then on the P2P in Multi-Unit Housing page on the P2P Foundation wiki, as well as within the relevant pages for Peergovernance

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