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[GE] Guiding an election. The two-stage guideway/system interface (σe) between an assembly election guideway and the electoral system. 1. Long before the election, local electors are continuously casting primary votes for each other in the guideway, most of which cascade to experienced law guides (magenta). The leading vote recipients (C, D) place themselves on the ballot for the up­coming election.
[GE] 2. On election day, the primary voters re-cast their votes into the electoral system proper, while the remainder of the local electors (faded green) tend to vote in the same proportions. So the guideway prediction is realized and D is elected to the legislature. Primary turnout is reduced for sake of illustration.1 legend

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  1. ^ The primary turnout will typically be much larger in practice. Further a typical delegate will have 5-20 direct voters, making the trees much bushier than shown.
  2. ^ The guiding plurality is formed within the open primary as described here.
  3. ^ Guidance from the open primary enters the electoral system across the system gap as described here.
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