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With a shared registration for all the e-dem-tools many possibilities arise. The most exciting for me is something like a portal for e-dem-users. For the user it would:

1. be the entrance to the e-dem-world (registration)

2. give an overview over all the issues being discussed/voted across all the different engines

3. show all the engines, in which a particular issues is being discussed/voted

4. show the current proposals and voting results in that poll (for each engine and also totalized (multiple votes revised))

5. provide a delegation tool for abstract vote-delegation (e.g. delegate all tax-related issues to Mrs.X and all enviromental issues to Mr.Y)

6. be the entrance to a particular engine of choice (for single users and for delegates (in case the particular engine supports delegation))

It would be like a network of engines connected through this meta-tool.

But they could also connect among each other through a vote-mirroring-facility. Through auto-casting all the votes from one engine could be mirrored in all the other engines. So that the user of each engine sees where else the same issue is being discussed/voted and with what results. more details here