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This is the US$ account and pledge template for the prize fund. It sets the pledge properties for the transcluding page and adds the page to Category:Pledge.

Pledges of prize money

These people made pledges along with their votes: (make a pledge)

Pledge Amount
Conseo-Polyc0l0rNet/G/p/prz/pledge/US$ 100
Matteomartini72-YahooCom/G/p/prz/pledge/US$ 75
Mike-ZeleaCom/G/p/prz/pledge/US$ 50
ThomasvonderElbe GmxDe/G/p/prz/pledge/US$ 75


Copy the following and paste it into your pledge page, overwriting all other page content:

 | dollars = insert amount here

The pledge follows your vote. Your vote defines which prize proposal you are funding. You may shift your vote at any time and the pledge will automatically follow. Note that the pledge will only apply if your vote reaches a downstream candidate who (like me) defines a summation account named "US$". If ever you wish to withdraw your pledge from the poll entirely, then either set the amount to zero, or delete your pledge page.


 | dollars = 50