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Sorry - not that familiar with wikis. Please add [1] to the list of primary voting projects. InterMix Voices of Humanity Software has just begun alpha testing. InterMix is group-centric software intended to give a collective voice to groups and then to recombine the group members into six "Voices of Humanity": Voice of Women, Men, Youth, Experience(middle-age), Wisdom(seniors) and the Voice of Humanity as One.

To participate in the alpha test, please sign up either as a Big-Endian ([2]) or a Little-Endian ([3]). In our alpha test we are debating whether the big end of the egg should be up in the egg cup or the little end. OK, so maybe it is a little simple-minded, but it is all meant in fun. Please do sign up and help. We are proceeding in three stages. Until Wednesday, March 27, we are having open-ended discussion. Then for one week until Wednesday April 3, we will collectively set a particular topic for discussion. Finally until Wednesday April 10, we will discuss the topic we set and expect to see resulting "winning" messages for each of the six voices of humanity as well as for the two "Endian" groups. - User:Rogerweaton-GmailCom

Roger and I are discussing here. ~Mike-ZeleaCom 17:45, 25 March 2013 (UTC)