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[PR1] Proposing a patch. A group (Pe) proposes a patch comprising the difference between their text and their candidate's (Pd). The proposal is approved in local discussion (blue arc), then relayed downstream to the next group. Eventually it reaches group Pa, whence it can travel no further because it is inapplicable downstream. On approval by Pa, therefore, the branch is considered to have accepted the patch and it is duly applied (next figure). legend
[PR2] Applying a patch. The patch that was accepted by the branch (previous figure) is applied by the downstream candidates (Pd to Pa) in turn. Subsequently it propagates throughout the branch (up arrows) and across to a mirroring branch (Px). legend

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  1. ^ a b c d The practice described here concerns text-form issues in general.
  2. ^ Patches are relayed within the aborescent primary as described here.
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