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Heroic outside guidance is an ideal form of broad-based system guidance. The namesake hero is an everyday person who speaks within the social context of the given lifeworld and is thus outside of the system and its attending guideways, but whose speech nevertheless works through the system to alter the course of society.

LGS-L-hero.png LGS-gapL.png LGS-G.png LGS-gapS.png LGS-S.png Fig. LS
Lifeworld λ Guideway σ System

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  1. ^ a b c d e f Heroic outside guidance is directly applicable to all normative issues for much the same reason as the practice of validity seeking. Non-normative issues such as elections enter only indirectly as a means to the normative end.
  2. ^ a b Heroic outside guidance is here defined by its ultimate causal sources in the lifeworld and effective sinks in the system, independent of the intermediate means of guidance.
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