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Waybrec Mode for Emacs

This project implements an Emacs major mode (`waybrec-mode`) for editing Waybreccian text.

If you install this package using a package manager, then it takes one more step to complete the installation. Add the following to your initialization file.

    (set 'auto-mode-alist
         (cons (cons "/waycast/.*\\.brec\\'" 'waybrec-mode)

Ensure the regular expression above captures the path to your waysource files. Then `waybrec-mode` will activate on loading any of them into Emacs. And that completes the installation.

Manual installation, on the other hand, requires further steps. See `waybrec-mode.el` for instructions.


Copyright © 2019-2022 Michael Allan. The files for this project are released under an MIT licence.

* Includes branch `` which is liable to rebasing, and `master` which is not.