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Waybrec Mode for Emacs

Here is package Waybrec Mode for Emacs. This package introduces a major mode for editing Waybrec.


If you install this package using a package manager, then one step will remain to complete the installation. Add the following code to your initialization file.

    (set 'auto-mode-alist
         (cons (cons "/waycast/.*\\.brec\\'" 'waybrec-mode) auto-mode-alist))

Ensure the regular expression captures the path to your waysource files. Then Waybrec Mode will activate on loading any of them into Emacs. And that completes the installation.

Manual installation, on the other hand, requires further steps. In that case, see `waybrec-mode.el` for instructions.


Copyright © 2019-2020 Michael Allan. The files for this project are released under an MIT licence.

* Includes branch `` which is liable to rebasing, and `master` which is not.