Installation instructions for Waybrec Parser initial set-up 1+ Ensure the following projects are installed. Makeshift : see The plain Breccia parser : see 2+ Install the files of the present project. >+ cd <command directory>/ / The command directory is where project installations are accessible by their proper paths. The present project, for example, will shortly be accessible at `wayic/Waybrec/parser`. : see `^^command directory$` @ >+ git clone wayic/Waybrec/parser + Build the software. : see >+ build wayic/Waybrec/parser class-files rebuild script - If you expect to modify the source code of dependencies (direct or indirect), then a rebuild script may be useful. : re `dependencies` see `^^.\+ Ensure the following projects are installed` : re `rebuild script` e.g. Web publication Breccian files : join @ \ Copyright © 2020-2021 Michael Allan. Licence MIT.