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[DIR]architec/2019-05-16 12:14 - The wayic architectonic
[DIR]brec/2019-05-16 12:14 - Waybrec, a way modelling language
[DIR]cast/2019-05-16 12:14 - The waycast
[DIR]emacs/2019-05-16 12:14 - A Wayscript mode for Emacs
[DIR]exec/2019-05-16 12:14 - Way executive agency, resources and power
[DIR]intercast/2019-05-16 12:14 - Intercast networks and systems
[DIR]lex/2019-12-01 10:08 - Dictionary of wayical terms
[DIR]mod_autoindex/2020-07-06 03:39 - Serving waycast directories with Apache `mod_autoindex`
[DIR]origins/2019-05-16 12:14 - Origin of waykinds: where ways come from
[DIR]read/2019-05-16 12:14 - Web presenter of ways
[DIR]script/2019-05-16 12:14 - Wayscript, a way modelling language
[DIR]web/2019-05-16 12:14 - Web interfacing conventions
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Small tools for a system of way formation

This is my collection of resources and projects aimed at developing a prototypic system of personal way formation. Together they would amount to a particular methodology of way formation, or a ‘wayic’, as I call it.


Myself, I intend to keep each resource, each project of this wayic:

See also


Each project grants a licence that governs its files alone. The few files gathered here in the collective root (./) and appendix (./_/) directories, outside of any project, I release under a separate MIT licence.