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Java Mode Tamed

Java Mode Tamed (aka `jmt-mode`) is a derived major mode for Emacs that affords better control of the built-in Java mode, particularly in regard to syntax highlighting. For this, it defines customizeable faces to highlight the following features of Java.

Additionally it corrects the highlighting of mishandled features, such as:


You can install `jmt-mode` from MELPA using a package manager, e.g. the built-in `package.el`. It should then activate for any loaded file that has either a `.java` extension or `java` shebang.

Alternatively, see `jmt-mode.el` for instructions on manual installation.


To view a list of the customizeable faces, enter a `jmt-mode` buffer (or otherwise load `jmt-mode`) and type `M-x customize-group <RET> jmt <RET>`. Or look through the `defface` definitions in `jmt-mode.el`.

For reference, a working example of customization is available:


Copyright © 2019-2021 Michael Allan. The files for this project are released under an MIT licence.

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